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Friday, October 31, 2008

Have an adventurous weekend.

Have a fun weekend, my lovelies, and enjoy these posts from around the web...

A great way to carry your books--straight from Tokyo.

Jenny's new haircut is really pretty.

Ballerina birthday parties!

After a flurry of comments over this week's Obama poster, it's nice to have this calm photo. P.S. And this effort is also good.

Remember this book?


Moran is one cool dog.

Loving Mav and Stephanie's year of mornings.

Hungry? Win a Jamie Oliver cookbook.

Wouldn't you like to wear Lorick's new collection?

How lovely to tuck a little photo into your typewriter.

My Steven Alan wish list. (I am especially in love with this dress.)

This photo feels like a deep breath.

And, best of all (of all!), Nie Nie is out of the woods.

Have a fun weekend! xoxo

(Photo via Perpenduum)

There will be blood....

I just can't quit with the Halloween costumes! Check out this ridiculously rad one: Hollister Hovey and her sister Porter dressed up as Daniel Plainview and his son H.W. from the movie There Will Be Blood. Genius.

Feeling Smitten...

My dears, here's a weekly round-up from my Glamour relationships blog, Smitten, if you're interested...

Would you rather have Gisele's body or a million dollars?

The official length of the honeymoon period.

"My boyfriend wants to take a two-week trip to Europe with his best female friend. Allowed?"

What are your favorite baby names?

Dating Confession: "My ex made me pay more for toilet paper."

The three best romantic movies. (Plus, those cute old couples from When Harry Met Sally.)

How much money do you spend as a bridesmaid?

A sweet married couple reveals the secret to their (relationship) success.

Red wine makes me crabby.

Found! Inexpensive engagement rings.

How did your parents tell you about sex?

Thank you! xo

Welcome, November Sponsors!

I'm very happy to present Cup of Jo's November sponsors, which you can now see on the left. Please feel free to visit their lovely shops. xoxo

P.S. A wonderful web programmer, Caroline, put up the new ads and widened my blog. If any of you are interested in that (or other blog/tech help), email me and I'll gladly pass along her info! xo

A mini ventriloquist's dummy

Another ridiculously cute Halloween costume. What are you going to be tonight?

Where The Wild Things Are

Awesome costume, little dude! You look just like Max. And happy halloween, everyone!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Home Inspiration: The Selby

Loving the new action-packed photos on house-tour website The Selby. Todd has an awesome way of capturing people in their regular lives--giggly, goofy, smoochy and dancey!

Pumpkin Parfaits

Yes, please! My English cousin Olivia arrived today for a two-week visit, and I think I will make these as a welcome treat. (Seriously, why is pumpkin so good?!)

P.S. And don't you love these lacy pumpkins?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The World's Largest Beatles (Ferris Bueller) Sing-a-Long

Check this out, New Yorkers! This Friday at 7pm, at the New York Halloween parade, a secret group of friends are planning to recreate that fabulous Ferris Bueller scene, where Ferris inspires a Chicago parade to sing Twist & Shout. They already have 1,000 volunteers, balloons, sound equipment and an entire marching band!!! You can join them here. HOW AMAZING!!!!

(Via Jenny)

Two different pretty ladies

This morning, I'm feeling inspired by the beautiful images on Vanessa's blog. Those bangs! Those lips! That dress!

Also, Lauren's blog. Beret + belt + cheekbones to cut glass = fabulous.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Barnyard animals.

Krisatomic posted these photos of a cow she saw on Sunday. Something about them makes me laugh.

And a few weeks ago, Alex and I took a walk in the woods and bumped into this herd of goats. The best thing about goats? When they eat, they chew side to side. It is endlessly adorable.

That's all!

Dorky glasses.

For the spring runway show, Charles Anatase's models wore geeky glasses with exaggerated lower lashes. Fabulous! (Halloween might be a good time to try out nutty lashes...)

(Photo by Dazed Digital, via Krisatomic)

Lucy needs a TV show!

My twin sister Lucy is a doctor smack in the middle of her residency. As a little treat, she'll rent TV series, so she can take brain-breaks during her crazy schedule.

Lucy has already watched the DVDs of Scrubs, Arrested Development, The Office (American), and Weeds. She loves series that she can really get into. She says: It has to be plot driven and not too intense. (West Wing didn't work.) Let's help Lucy! Which TV shows do you love? Which would you recommend? Thank you, my lovelies!

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Sartorialist writes a book!

Street-style photographer The Sartorialist is rumored to have a book deal--and it's about time! His book will rival the Sex & the City tome and the Domino guide as The Fave Coffee Table Book of Women Everywhere. In fact, I think it might trump it. I can't wait!!!

P.S. I've written about him tons....
P.P.S. I'm sure he's making BUCKS.

(Via I Heart You)

Vote Obama.

It's true. This genius poster is by Casey Brooks.
(Via Ginny Branch)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Have a goofy weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend, dear readers. What are you up to? We're going to my aunt's 50th birthday party. A few great posts from around the web this week....

Fun pumpkin carving. I'd want to do a polka-dot one!

Beeswax turned beautiful.

Abby's shop features her dreamy photos.

I wish I could squeeze into those rad little tights!

An interview with my favorite illustrator James Noel Smith (who worked on the Domino book! Have you seen it yet?)

Blue envelopes and a red truck.

This blog is making me hungry for a late lunch.

Wouldn't you love these little backyard houses? (Wouldn't you love a backyard?)

A day in the life of little Stella couldn't be cuter.

Lovely white walls in Denmark.

Necklaces and birthday donuts.

Poof! Turn your regular photos into polaroids.

I am officially in love with fall.

(Photo of Shirley MacLaine by Leo Fuchs, via bblinks)

Is it the cold talking?

I think my cold is making me very loopy. I have been talking to myself all day. Literally. Talking out loud. To just myself. About lots of things. I am talking as I type this.

Feeling Smitten...

My dears, here's a weekly round-up from Smitten, my Glamour Magazine relationships blog...

The perfect fall perfume. (Smells like apples!)

Should you say something if he's a really bad kisser?

What surprised you when you moved in together? (And hear my friend's funny answer...)

Jennifer's moustache tattoo comes in handy.

How much will you spend on really nice bras and panties? (Ay, that word.)

One husband's seriously romantic gift idea.

Does your guy have body hang-ups?

Girl pretty vs. guy pretty: Short hair.

In your dating past, do you have a "one that got away"?

Challenge: Try something new this weekend.

Read more, if you'd like, on Smitten. xo

P.S. Thank you, Alyson.

(Photo by Corey Arnold)

Hollister's gift guide.

Hollister, of painterly fame, just launched her 2008 gift guide. She has great taste and an eye for bargains. Look at her beautiful ideas here!

P.S. Don't you think gift guides are sometimes even more fun than the actual gifts? :)

My head is in the clouds.

I have a cold. (So does Paige. So does Moses.) Colds always make you sound like a wuss 'cause it's just a cold, but they really knock you out! Special thanks to Alexei, who made me tomato soup, recommended that I go to bed after watching The Office and then told me stories until I fell asleep.

(Photo by Emdaash, via Simply Olive)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Selby

The Selby has a new house tour, featuring Cheryl Dunn and Michael Karbelnikoff. Their art collection is great (look at that great torso photograph!). But, most of all, don't you love their hanging lamp?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Etsy Find: Chewing the Cud

Aren't these journals and cards by Chewing the Cud cute and clever?

Parisian Cutie

Awwww, this little one is not quite ready to be a fashion starlet...

(Photo by The Sartorialist)

Should a guy ask your dad for your hand in marriage?

My dear readers, I'd be fascinated to hear your thoughts on this question over on Smitten. Please feel free to comment on Smitten (it only takes one second to register) --the discussion is getting nutty!!!

(The photo is of my sister getting married; her fiance had asked my dad for his blessing before proposing. I think it's a really sweet tradition, but perhaps it's also inadvertently sexist?)

Hollister Hovey paints pictures.

Brooklyn-based blogger Hollister Hovey is rad. Not only does her house look like it's out of a Wes Anderson movie, but she also paints ridiculously amazing portraits, which remind me of both Elizabeth Peyton and Loretta Lux. Some are personal paintings, some are commissioned and some are party invitations. I love her strong style, colors and mood. Isn't she such a talent?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Puddle Jumpers

Speaking of jumping, I bought my first pair of puddle-jumping rain boots (in navy) yesterday! The guy at the shop told me that when he got his first pair, he couldn't believe he had waited so long. "What was I doing for all those thirty years?" he laughed. "Just dodging and jumping and hating it. Now I love the rain."

For the first time ever, I'm looking forward to a downpour.

Jumping Pup.

Just to add some barking cuteness to your day. (Via Amy Nation).
P.S. Another jumper.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Our 1930's Party

This Saturday, Alex and I hosted a 1930's party to celebrate the (new) Depression. We mixed bourbon and ginger ale, served apples and peanuts (in their shells) and played Bing Crosby. The best part? Everyone dressed up!
This is what Alex and I wore...

Cool hats.

Recognize these guys?

Awesome thirties attire.

My little brother Nick. (I got very huggy by the end of the night.)

Our friend Emily. Don't you like her dress with those teeny pleats?

Our friend Kenan had rad glasses.

Our friend Jay drew on a moustache.

Jennifer Ward's super rad moustache tattoo!

Doesn't Jay seriously look like a giant?

Our friend Andrea had a silver flask and cigarette holder.

We are in love with our new chair from Nightwood--and we were thrilled that the designer Nadia (left) came to our party.

Just like the 1930's!

(Top photo: The fabulous David Coggins and Porter Hovey.)

Thanks to everyone who came for making it a wonderful night! xoxo
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